Last updated on June 15, 2022

Nordic Oil is all about CBD and bringing knowledge and tips about using CBD, as well as educating on all the different benefits from CBD.

Therefore, we are happy to have great authors on our team to bring all of our readers the knowledge they deserve. Our authors are experts in CBD and are conducting complex research on CBD on a daily basis.


A highly experienced media professional, Anoo loves to write about cannabis and health, and enjoys educating people about how to integrate healthy concepts into their daily lives. An experienced traveller, our 1000mg CBD Oil with Curcumin in particular has helped Anoo find balance and relaxation in her life.

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Lewis J. Wootten

Originally from the UK, Lewis has a BA Honours in European Studies and Languages from The University of Bath and has been with Nordic Oil for almost 2 years. He is a long term user of CBD and an advocate of following a plant-based diet. He shares Nordic’s passion for keeping things as nature intended and has a creative, yet highly analytical writing style.

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Stefanie Stingl

Stefanie is our expert on CBD for the skin and is conducting further research on CBD for skin care every single day. Whether you suffer from skin problems or you’re simply looking for a new favorite skincare product, Stefanie will gladly advise you on which product best suits your needs.

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David Reich

David is a CBD expert with many years of experience in all things CBD. He supports, advises and assists customers on all aspects of cannabis. Whenever possible, he shares his knowledge with online communities and writes articles. David also has extensive knowledge on CBD for pets.

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