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Last updated on June 23, 2021


We all know it: vitamins are important. With winter around the corner, we should be giving our immune systems a head start, and extra TLC. Cold weather, long nights and short days make it increasingly difficult to stay healthy. Which is where vitamins come in. A one-stop shop for all-season wellness, vitamins are a tried and trusted immunity booster. And when combined with CBD, they’re a total game-changer.

What are vitamins?

Vitamins are organic substances, supplied to the body in small- yet essential quantities. They aren’t a source of energy, but work dynamically alongside our body’s own natural function. A deficiency of even a single substance can lead to considerable physiological or psychological disorders.

The onslaught of processing done to our food, longer transport routes and storage before produce has reached its natural state for harvest, the vitamins our grandparents once consumed directly from their food are lost or have been long gone by the time they reach our body. The rate of people selecting from an undesirable, and unnatural food selection is only growing steadily. Our bodies have not adapted to the pesticides, or toxins found in the soil, and with this being the case, an increased risk for proper health along with a large deficit of vitamins is a growing result of the modern big-box food market.

Why combining vitamins with CBD is so great

Vitamins and CBD are a great combination; both add incredible value to our health and mimic our own internal and natural bodily processes. By combining these two ingredients, you can intake your daily dose of CBD with a blend of vitamins. This may lead to a needed boost for the immune system, without too much effort.

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What does “liposomal” mean?

Our Vitamin C and Multivitamin with CBD use a liposomal formulation to deliver even more good stuff to your body. But what does this actually mean? Liposomes are small, capsule-like structures that are safer and faster at transporting active substances (like CBD and vitamins) than widespread, traditional methods. They work by encapsulating the ingredients in liquid form in their core, making them easily available for direct cell uptake. Effective liposomes protect against digestive enzymes and ensure that the valuable substances in our multivitamin preparation get to where they should in the body. According to studies, bioavailability can increase by about three times compared to products without this innovative formula.

Is it for me?

Our Liposomal Vitamin C and Multivitamin with CBD are an effective option for people who want to combine two potent, and effective health supplements into one daily dosage. Especially for people who dislike administering their CBD sublingually, this is a great option since the liposomal formula allows higher absorption.

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One comment on “CBD vitamins”

  1. Interesting!
    I didn’t think that I could combine my vitamins with CBD and make it an even more potent. I struggle a lot during winters as I can’t workout daily due to a lack of motivation and zeal. I also feel lethargic and dizzy. I figured it out last winter that it was happening due to being low on iron and folic acid. My doctor clearly said to stock on multivitamins and keep taking them on and off. I have been taking them religiously to feel good.

    Stay safe and stay cozy everyone! 🙂

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