Does CBD oil expire?

Expiry date, month, and year

Last updated on August 31, 2021


Checking out the expiry date of any product while making a purchase is a good practice. If you don’t, please start doing so. Did you check the date of expiry of CBD oils, when you last bought them? 

While purchasing Nordic oil products, one could always find the details regarding the date of expiry in all our products. In fact, FDA ( Food and Drug Administration) considers it as manufacturers’ responsibility.

While answering your question, If CBD could expire? This article would also give you reasonable clarity on:

  • How important is the expiry date?
  • Does CBD oil go bad?
  • What causes the expiration of CBD oil?
  • How to store CBD oil?

Let’s get going.

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How important is the expiry date?

Life itself revolves around expiry. Piece of cake! 

We live out of packages. When it comes to food, every meal comes in different packages from bottles, plastic, canned, paper, cloth, etc. They also come in various forms. Frozen, dried, liquid, solid, paste, semi-solid, etc.

Now having said that, they are processed in one or many ways to keep the intended chemical composition intact. This is done to keep the taste, smell, texture, and color in good quality and assure food safety

All food products have an expiry date. An expiration date or expiry date is a previously determined date, after which it should no longer be used or consumed. 

In simple words, expiration is the shelf life of any food product that informs the consumer about the month and year by which the product should be consumed. This time period is determined by the manufacturer, on the basis of tests or laboratory reports.

After the given period, the product is generally not advisable for consumption. Subsequently, the product may become unsuitable for safe consumption due to changes in quality and safety. 

One could readily notice the date of expiry on any product. For example, it could be printed on the outer package, or on the bottle or container, bottom, top, or even on a separately printed product pamphlet. Depending on the product and the brand, other details like Manufacturing date, Packaged date, dispatch date could also be mentioned. 

Other terms used along with expiry date

In addition to the expiry date of a product, you could also find the below terms:

Best before date informs about the quality in particular, not safety. Although the product is considered safe for consumption, its taste might not be at its best of quality. 

Use by date, informs about safety in particular, not quality.

Once open date informs the duration by which the product should be consumed once the seal is opened. This duration could be a minimum time provided it is properly stored. 

Food Standards Agency explains best before and use by

What factors determine the expiry date?

Four fundamental factors could alter the quality of a product. They are:

  • Heat
  • Light
  • Time
  • Exposure to Air or Storage

Weather conditions play a significant role in altering product quality. This is quite a simple affair that one could notice in daily life. Light, cold, heat, and air leaves an impact on the food we eat. 

Therefore one general solution to handle all these four factors is ‘storage.’ Proper storage can keep food safe throughout its shelf life. 

For example, studies say that a plastic water bottle left in a car on a hot day becomes unsafe for drinking, as the plastic reacts to the heat and releases harmful chemicals in the water. 

Moreover, foods once opened, should be sealed well and stored at the right temperature as instructed on the package. Half closed lids, opened packs, could as well lead to expiry.

check the package for expiry date
Check the package for expiry date

Does CBD oil go bad?

CBD is one of the non-psychoactive compounds from the cannabis plant. Different types of CBD products are derived from the plant that includes CBD oils, crystals, liquids, edibles, pills, capsules, tinctures, topical creams, etc.

Cannabinoid in short CBD is one of the 144 different cannabinoids isolated from cannabis, and each one displays varied effects depending on the method used to extract CBD.

In the same vein discussed so far, heat, light, time, and exposure to air affect the quality of CBD oil too. In short, like all consumable goods, CBD oil could degrade, and CBD oil does have an expiry date.

When a hemp or cannabis product is exposed to light, heat, or air oxidation, the cannabinoids could lose its potency. Similarly, the efficacy of terpenes could also be altered. Consequently, the smell, taste, texture gets modified due to improper storage. 

This makes it no longer acceptable or useful for consumption. 

What causes the expiration of CBD oil?

  • Carrier oils
  • Terpenes
  • Solvents 
  • Extraction methods 
  • Pesticides, metals, wax, harmful chemicals

All of the above factors are essential in delivering quality and safe CBD products. Moreover, quality assurance of every process leads to a better shelf-life.

There are several methods of extracting CBD oil from Hemp. For example, using solvents such as hexane or butane, CO2 extraction, extraction with alcohol are some of the commonly used methods. However, constant research and development in the Industry have started experimenting with newer extraction methods.  

Studies say that the CO2 based extraction is so far weighed the best. Because of the following benefits:

  • environment friendly, 
  • safer, 
  • cleaner, 
  • cheaper, 
  • less toxic than using fossil fuel-based extraction. 
  • The quality of the end product is more consistent and palatable. 

Moreover, the CO2 extraction method is considered to be the most advanced and widely used method to pull the cannabinoids from the plant. This comes in two forms: subcritical and supercritical. Both yield results based on temperature and pressure.

The subcritical method has a lower solvency power that leads to pulling mostly lighter oils and leave behind resins, paraffin, and waxes. 

The Supercritical method has higher solvency power, makes the extraction time faster, through high temperatures and pressures. The end product yields with more cannabinoids to add further health-promoting properties. 

Above all, the CO2 extraction method enables an extended shelf-life of the CBD oil. 

How to store CBD oil

  • Store CBD oil in a dark, cold, and dry place.
  • Keep away from exposure to too much light or heat (avoid keeping near windows)
  • Never store your CBD oil, or any CBD products in the car.
  • If you live in too hot or humid temperatures, you could store them in the refrigerator. But do not freeze. 
  • If your CBD oil gets frozen due to cold temperatures, you could place the bottle in a bowl of hot water for a couple of minutes. It would return to its normal consistency.
  • Choose a safe, dark, cool place in your pantry.
  • Once you use, remember to seal the cap tightly.
  • Keep out of reach from Children and Pets.
  • Read the instructions given on every Nordic oil product package that specifies storage instructions.

About Nordic oil products

According to a study, precise information regarding CBD oil composition is crucial for consumers. Consumer safety is of absolute importance regardless of the legal landscape.

Nordic Oil takes the responsibility of placing CBD products safely in the hands of consumers so that the advantageous potential of the cannabinoids could become more freely accessible.

  • Nordic oil products clearly bear details of the expiry date, shelf life, storage instructions, dosage, and characteristics on the package. Labeling standards are strictly observed. 

For example, Nordic oil 5%, 15%, and 20% CBD Oil have a shelf life of up to two years. Once opened, they should be consumed by 6 months. 

Mani drops have a shelf life of up to two years. Once opened, they should be consumed by two months.

Similarly, Liposomal Multivitamin with CBD also has a shelf life of up to two years, but once opened, best recommended to be used by two months. 

  • Besides the date of expiry and use by date, Nordic oil specifies storage instructions for every product. Our products come in dark tinted glass material that prevents penetration of light. Do ensure to store them in a cool, dark, and dry place that would keep your CBD oils safe. 

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  1. Great article, I am sure all of us were waiting for another amazing article from you guys. Just like other medicines, please keep your CBD oil and products in dry and cool places. Too much heat and direct sunlight plus putting metal utensils in the CBD oil container will make it go bad real soon. I keep my syrups and CBD products in a my refrigerator and label them clearly with their expiry date. It helps me remember it and I use up quickly then 🙂

      1. Awww, thank you so much, Akeso! Your reply puts a smile on my face every time. 🙂
        I absolutely love your research skills and if I need to read about anything, I visit nordic oil and you have already solved half of my problems already through your articles. I also watch these channels for new and exciting ways to use my CBD oils and also add it to my daily recipes.
        Sure way to gain all the benefits out of it.

        Keep up the amazing work, chum! 🙂

      2. Help. I just took my first dose (using CBD Oil), & I have read the package and the bottle, and cannot see any expectation date. I even used a magnifier! Where in the world are you hiding it?? ( I got the 1000 mg bottle of Broad Spectrum CBD). Thanks!!

  2. Thanks for the tip that CBD oil is easy to store as long as it’s not exposed to very high or very low temperatures. I’m planning to go to a CBD store soon because I’d like to try buying some CBD cartridges for my vape. I think it will help in making me relax easier whenever I feel to stressed with housework.

  3. Thanks, Akeso. I’m glad to read your article. And CBD oil is a very useful oil. I have been using this oil for 3 months.

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