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immunity drops

Last updated on July 25, 2022

Nordic Oil is proud to introduce our brand new Immunity Drops with CBD. Delivering original ideas to the market by continually immersing in new product development is our product team’s objective.

Some classic examples of our constant innovation are our CBD Oil with Curcumin and Piperine, a unique blend of turmeric, black pepper extracts with CBD,  Nordic Oil’s Mani Drops, specially formulated Melatonin and CBD; Liposomal Multi-Vitamin with CBD, Liposomal Vitamin C with CBD, and CBD Lip Balms. What’s next?

Our brand new Immunity Drops

Nordic Oil’s brand New Immunity Drops is now a jewel to our catalog. This time our CBD finds a perfect blend with extracts from the ‘elixir of life’ Holy Basil, Citrus, Cloves, and Cardamom. 

Holy Basil’s high nutritional value and the rich anti-oxidants, flavors, from Terpenes combine to get fully absorbed by the body.

Immunity Drops – ingredients

In order to clearly understand the value of the ingredients in Nordic Oil Immunity Drops, it becomes fundamental to understand the general nature of essential oils. 

A 2018 study reports on the complexities of their bio-structures. They contain a lot of compounds from different chemical classes that include terpenoids, ketones, and other chemicals. 

Hence several factors together determine the varying quantities and structures of these compounds. For example, the origin of the plant, quality, harvesting time, climate, soil, and extraction process. 

Holy Basil Oil

Basil oil gets extracted from a variety of Tulsi or Basil leaves. The Basil oil used in our Immunity Drops is obtained from Ocimum basilicum L, known for its therapeutic properties.


Eugenol is basically clove oil. Cloves as you know are commonly used to bring flavor to food, tea, or they are even topically applied to treat toothache. Reference to a Study on Eugenol reports that they are also considered for gastrointestinal and respiratory complaints. 


Linalool is a naturally occurring terpene found in many flowers and spice plants. They are used for their scent and are extracted from a wide variety of plant species. For example Mint, Basil, Cinnamon, rosewood, citrus fruits, etc. 


Cineole is popularly known as eucalyptol. It is extracted from Eucalyptus globulus oil.

A Study reports that many aromatic plants such as Wormwood, rosemary, common sage, cannabis Sativa also contain Cineole or eucalyptol. 

CBD Extract

The isolated and extracted essence of the non-psychoactive cannabinoids found in Cannabis.

Propylene Glycol & Triacetin

These are two chemical compounds that are commonly used as food additives. According to a study these chemicals are not harmful when used as dietary supplements. 


A study reports that Beta-Caryophyllene ( BCP) is a common constituent of essential oils of numerous spice and food plants and a major component in Cannabis

Nordic Oil New Product Immunity Drops
Immunity Drops CBD + Holy Basil

Who can Use? 

As a brand, we believe in making CBD accessible to different sections of society. Therefore, it is our responsibility to ensure that it is safely used. 

In the same lines, Immunity Drops is safe to be consumed by adults. Pregnant women and lactating mothers must avoid, and do remember to keep out of reach from children. 

However, as a golden rule of thumb, if you are already consuming other prescribed medications for specific conditions, do consult with experts. 

How does Nordic Oil Innovate?

Our mission to develop and produce high-quality CBD products for every need is accomplished through a simple but effective 3 step process. 

ListenResearchEvolve 01
Nordic Oil’s Three-step process

Our first inspiration for innovation comes from active listening. Paying close attention to customers’ feedback and reviews that come from all platforms helps us to develop, modify, and innovate continuously.  

Taking observations from active listening, we strive to respond appropriately with the help of research. As Europe’s leading CBD brand, we pride ourselves on our research into the latest possibilities with CBD.

The third step in the process is to evolve.  Active listening and scientific research often guide us to seek and achieve a higher sense of purpose. This exactly reaches us to the path of our mission. ‘To produce high-quality CBD products for every need’.  

A glass of water and Nordic Oil Immunity Drops
A glass of water and Nordic Oil Immunity Drops

To wrap up: 

  • The only solution to keep ourselves protected from infections is to take individual responsibility. Make a conscious choice to adapt to a natural plant-based diet and supplements.
  • Dosing Nordic Oil Immunity Drops is quite simple. Mix a minimum of 5 drops in a glass of lukewarm water. You may try with other liquids according to your taste. 
  • It is advisable not to mix it with diary-based drinks. It may not taste or blend well.
  • Today, the world is witnessing the spread of bacteria and viruses that are becoming resistant to antibiotics. It is overwhelming to observe that modern science is working closely with ancient and alternative medicines to developing new approaches to defend diseases. 

Published by David Reich

David is a CBD expert with many years of experience in all things CBD. He supports, advises and assists customers on all aspects of cannabis. Whenever possible, he shares his knowledge with online communities and writes articles. David also has extensive knowledge on CBD for pets.

2 comments on “Immunity Drops”

  1. That is such an amazing and unique blend!

    Congrats Nordic oil team for coming up with such an innovative idea of immunity drops. Someone who already is totally in love with nature and believes in natural herbs and plants’ healing power so firmly, I need to grab it as soon as I can. I already love curcumin found in turmeric and add to almost all of my curries and soups for added benefits. Now that we are entering into the fall season in most regions of the world, it is even more important to boost our immunity and stay internally fit. Not to forget the kind of pandemic we have been fighting throughout 2020, strong immunity was never emphasized on before. CBD itself is a great way to keep certain health conditions at bay, and this immunity drops are loaded with the amazing goodness of these holy herbs and plants too.
    Stress is a well-known factor to attack our immunity and as a result, we might fall sick too often. CBD is supposed to be the best alternative option as many pharmaceutical drugs have side-effects and are known to provoke suicidal thoughts in patients too. So, it is always a great option to opt for something healthier.

  2. I am willing to purchase this amazing product and as a firm believer in the healing properties of natural herbs, spices, and plant medicine, I would instantly fall in love with the idea of these CBD infused drops. I have worked hard on building a stronger immunity ever since 2020 started and brought the pandemic along. I have had immunity issues since childhood but I worked hard to increase my immunity.
    I have been using a concoction of Cinnamon powder, lemon juice, ginger, and garlic juice and with a few drops of CBD oil and it is a perfect way to be healthy and happy all the time. This helped me a lot in losing weight too. CBD has been my favorite for a long time now and every combination I think of has to has CBD in it.
    I am a vocal advocate of the legalization of Cannabis/Marijuana and it is certainly one of the best things out there to be discovered.

    I hope you would try both of the immunity drops (mine and Nordic oil’s too). Please never underestimate the power of natural home remedies and products that can do wonders for your well-being. 🙂 Cheers!

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